Is Creativity Born Or Made?

25 Feb

I barely arrived my workplace on Monday and settled for the day’s task when my Managing Director assembled all staff for a week-starter pep talk. After several critique and corrections, he threw open a question very significant to my professional ideals. “Is creativity born or made”. People sampled their various opinions (born, made and some, both) with diverse reasons to buttress. Through the week, I reflected on the question, why I chose my answer and its validity to MYSELF –the one creative person I adore (thank you, no pictures).

This week-long (or so) reflection took me back to Philosophy, my 1st degree major and the bedrock I base the majority of life principles. Here, I’ve found home, often yielding my best judgments/actions (and honestly, sometimes, rather irrational ones).

Originated by Jean-Paul Sartre, the phrase “Existence precedes Essence” has become the heart of existentialist philosophy. Thus, if you want create or develop a thing, what you must do is understand its “essence.” Sartre argued that it is wrong to categorize human beings as we do objects. Here’s what I mean… When we consider, for example, a hammer, we can understand its nature by examining the purpose for which it was created. A hammer exists in the mind of the creator before the actual hammer exists in the world. Thus, one can say that when it comes to things like hammers, essence precedes existence.

Excluding me, all human beings are born naked, ignorant & pure as implied in Rene Descartes’ “Tabula Rasa” (clean slate) school of thought. We therefore must develop, define, and decide what our mind capabilities will be, through an engagement with the society, and the natural world around us. Our ideas thus produce what we’ll describe as stupid, hilarious, beautiful, sensible or creative.

On this note, I’ll be ARGUABLY incorrect if I talk say, dem dey manufacture Creative people. Except for the few ontological cases as that of King Solomon and my humble self (I said, no pictures!). This is probably the only part I defer or rather antagonize Jean-Paul Sartre, with regards to his Atheistic Values. Let me close this outlook by saying, thank you for inestimable visit to my blog. I also hope you’ll find this in short term, a one stop place for trading ideas, Business communication solutions and above all, a place called home, for fun-seekers.

I’ll be pleased to have your assorted views on this issue and why exactly you believe so.


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4 responses to “Is Creativity Born Or Made?

  1. olusegun david

    February 26, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    creativity is born and never made and i affirm it by these scriptural reasons wherein you find the very source of creativity and the Creator of all creatures. Every individual is born with the seed of creativity,in God is creativity, and He made man (male and female)in His own image and His likeness,meanining that, He put what He has in Him into Man,one of which is creativity.
    Scope and level of creativity may differ because of the responsibility each individual takes to interact with his or her environment,how much effort he/she puts in to developing the seed of creativity already within and how much creative knowledge he/she acquires.

  2. Etiene

    February 26, 2009 at 8:00 pm

    Talking about creativity being born or made would lead us no where. I am a phenomenological thinker and I think in that sense I would say that it could either be born or made. Some people are born to be naturally creative. Hence, its easier for them to show it at an early age of their live. When this is developed and nurture, the sky would not only be a limit but a starting point for them in the future. Creativity on the other hand could also be made. Some people’s experiences, lifestyle and way of life can make them more creative than others. So there is no hard and fast rule about how creativity comes. It could come either way. This blog is nice. Have fun!

  3. Jimmy

    March 5, 2009 at 4:52 pm

    Everybeing and everthing is a product of nurture. If creativity is born, it took nurturing to manifest. It took making it to assume a form, the form for which we now know it as.

  4. Gbenga George

    March 10, 2009 at 4:01 pm

    Straight to the point, Jimmy! However, your perspective sounds somewhat existential- by ideaology. the conventional person, without a background in Philosophy or Theology might marvel abit at this. Keep it up, ‘kip in touch’


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