Advantages of Outsourcing Your Social Media Marketing

09 Jan

As a President or as the Chief Executive of any multimillion dollar enterprise who wishes to extend customer reach and consequently gain products and services promotion through the former, would you do this yourself when you can, and when you are very much able to trust a dedicated and a genuine Social Media and Digital PR expert like Advoco Digital to do this for you? Can you really be “friends” with the magnitude of literally, a hundred thousand followers? No; of course not. You don’t have to really be friends with them. Business is not about that type of intimate friendship we know of. Business is business, so we say. Friendship in business means taking care of your current customers, and creating awareness to the uninformed ones about what you have to offer.

Comment by Mr. Mark Harrisson himself to the post of Olivier Blanchard in his blog The Brand Bulider entitled Stating the Obvious:

The long and the short of it is that, actually, a company can successfully outsource the handling of client relationships in social media. We’ve got years of results and clear facts that show it. I know it offends your theory pretty directly, but the facts are facts, and it simply works – often better, and at lower cost than companies trying to handle the social media work in-house.

It’s good to draw up guidelines to help companies find their way in this new landscape, but when reality runs counter to the rules you make up, you have to adjust them accordingly. The fact is that the real world results show your rule #2 to be incorrect. so you should adjust that.

This is the premise that gave birth to Social Media Marketing, and outsourcing this to an experienced and a true blue expert like Advoco Digital is the best thing any dreamer can do.

You can do in-house Social Media Marketing yourself; you can also be good in it, too. But there are people who are already better in doing this stuff, and the experts in Abraham and Harisson are some of (if not already) the best among them.

Yes, some companies should consider doing their social media in-house. They should consider doing the search and hiring process, finding the techies, communications people, creatives, project managers, researchers, division executives, and perhaps foreign-language specialists to do the all the work. They should consider what it will take to train up all these folks and build out the infrastructure to support them. They should consider the timeline for all this to take place before they have a complete, coherent, effectively-functioning team in place, and the budget that build will take. They should consider the opportunity cost of the opps they are missing while they are pulling themselves together, and the risk that even with all this budget and effort, they don’t really know if the team they assemble is actually going to be knocking it out of the park when they finally get to work.

And, as an alternative, they should consider simply hiring an agency like ours for probably less than the cost of the one top exec they’re going to hire to spend all this budget to build up a new team. Then they know they have a team with a well-proven track record.

And… when it’s outsourced to an agency like ours, the risk is vastly lower. You know you have an effective team from the first day, and if one day the company decides they want to bring it in-house, they can call up and say, “Hey, it’s been great… we’re not re-upping the contract.” and they are free.

Outsourcing your Social Media to an agency solely dedicated to online and digital marketing is just about the best option there is. If you are sailing your way through the murky flood of competition, adding additional passengers to your Ark will just put you at the risk of sinking to abysmal depths. Social Media outsourcing agencies like Advoco Digital are the lifelines that save you when you call SOS. They make your customers happy. Happiness means satisfaction. Happiness and satisfaction means trust, and trust leads to loyalty. Yes, these can be attained in the hands of outsourced social media firms; and look, the fireworks spell R-O-I.

You see, President Goodluck Jonathan may be a conservative, well mannered politician and not ‘pushed’ into power by prospective stakeholders or benefactors, as commonspeak will have it. He may not have ranted his vision for 2011 presidential polls, after the sad death of his predecessor; but he definately did not “doubt standing for April 2011 elections” as the ever controversial wire Wikileaks published. Your Social Media Presence is better when it is outsourced to legitimate and trusted agencies like Advoco Digital. It’s all about fitting the right figures in the shape sorter of Social Media PR.

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